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IMCA modified, Just won this week 7/3/2010! former Bethel champion, complete race ready, speedway chassis, excellent condition, with or w/o motor, for sale OR trade for Dirt Sportsman of equal value. $5,000 OBO Call for more details or to come see it - (845) 657-8852


Jennifer Fugel

p: 845.657.4202

m: 845.300.0633

e: jfugel1@hvc.rr.com

Twitter: jenniferfugel


Stock Car Specials from Chuckie-Luv's  www.Y-BI-Nu2.com

Hey I got a list together for you, I have :

2 roll cages, 2” drop spindles for a metric chassis, 3 oil pans, one w/ a kick out, a turbo 350 transmission that’s rebuilt with a saturday night special tourqe converter. Also I have four prostock shocks, 1.5-1 Howe quicksteer, 2 sets of chevy heads, one bare set and one complete set, a complete rear w/ 3.08 Richmond gears, .60 over 350 engine, needs assembly . I also have a complete steering wheel shaft includes the slider to the gear box, steering wheel and the hiems end for mounting. If you want prices for these things, you can emaiL me at     chuckieluv0303@yahoo.com, or you can call me:  (845) 796-8570. Also I just started a website that will list more and more stuff:  www.Y-BI-NU2.com for all of your used part needs.  LETS KEEP RACING AFFORDABLE!



New Cars- Financing Available                       1-201-252-4357

New Bandolero W/ Gauge Package and Chrome Wheels 
Price: $6,995.00 - Order Yours Today!


Want a New Legends Car?   $12,995.00             1-201-252-4357     Financing Available


10 Different Body Styles
(click on style below to see larger photo)

Legend Car Specifications

Wheelbase 73"
Overall Width 60"
Overall Length 10' 6" (with bumpers)
Height 46"
Engine Yamaha 1250cc (sealed)
Compression Ratio 10:1 Maximum
Horsepower 125 hp
Weight 1,080 to 1,200 lbs.
Left Side % 52 % max
Rear % 52 % max
Tires 205/60R13 BFGoodrich TA Comp HR4
Wheels (steel) width: 7" diameter: 13"
Suspension Coil Over with Bilstein Shocks
Colors red and white
Frame Full Tubeframe with Integral Rollcage
Harness Simpson Five-Point

Legends Car Pricing

Legends Base Price $12,995.00
A car with a "new" (direct from factory) FJ1200 Yamaha motorcycle engine
Borla Header with Muffler $275.00
(Mufflers are required on all tracks)

  Equipment Options Price Additional
Installation Option
Standard Oil Cooler $185.00 $30.00
  Engine Air Duct System $175.00 $45.00
Standard Oil Cooler Fan with Install Kit $79.00 $30.00
  Oil Temp Gauge $60.00 $45.00  
  Oil Press Gauge $75.00 $45.00
Standard Remote Oil Filter & Lines $200.00 $45.00
Standard Oil Cooler for Remote Oil Filter $145.00  
  Brake Proportioning Valve Kit $70.00 $85.00
  Fire System with Push/Pull $355.00 $95.00
  Memory Tachometer with Recall $285.00 $45.00
Standard Butler Built Seat $210.00 $50.00  
Standard Mirror $55.00 $10.00
Standard Lexan Windshield $25.00 $20.00
  Chrome Options    
  Bumpers $95.00  
  Wheels $60.00    
  Nerf Bars $85.00  
  Grill $170.00  
  Freight $500.00  
Standard Race Set-up $299.00   
  Open Legends Trailers $1,300.00  
  Enclosed Legends Trailers (QUOTE)  



For sale BMS Mod point championship car in the 2009 season
complete rollor chasis minus motor....new ford 9 inch floater rear  new direct drive transmission
5000.00  put your motor in and go racing

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